Legal Way of US Immigration!

Immigrants have always been an integral part of the US from the very beginning and they have contributed a lot towards the development and progress of the US as a country. However, illegal immigration has changed the attitude of the people of the US towards the whole immigration policy and therefore it is important that illegal immigration is stopped and legal

canada-immigrationimmigration should be the way to enter the US legally and with all the required documents from the government. If you want to legally immigrate to the US, then you have to follow certain procedure and immigration laws of the US.

There are three ways in which a person can become a US immigrant. It is important to understand that the immigration process is always handled by the authorized government agencies. Therefore, you should be able to stay away from agents who may lure you with the promises of guaranteed citizenship of the US.

Ways to gain immigrant status in the US

  • Sponsoring a family member

Any US citizen can sponsor any of the following family members as an immigrant to the US.The list of family members includes spouse, brothers and sisters, parents and unmarried children. The sponsor has to prove that his income is at least 25% more than the established income above the poverty line. The sponsor also has to give an undertaking in writing that he or she is capable of sponsoring his dependent. There are a fixed number of visas which are

img44allocated by the US government for the immigrants in this category.

  • Immigrating for employment

Another way of immigrating to the US is coming in the country with a resident visa. The employers in the US have to follow the rules regarding the labor laws in the country. The employers have to prove that they are not able to get the suitable candidate in the US and therefore they have to invite a candidate from foreign countries. There are five kinds of Visas which are allotted by the government to the immigrants in this category and these

airport-205756_640 immigrants may include professionals, skilled workers, religious workers and investors who may create job opportunities in the US.

  • Immigrants who need asylum

The third type of immigrants are from those countries which are troubled by political turbulence and they have afear of their life in their country. Such refugees may get the status of legal immigrant after they prove that they will get persecuted in their country for sure because of their religion, race or political and religious opinion. There is no limit to the number of visas granted to such refugees or Asy lees by the government.

We have to understand that these three are the only ways in which a person can become a legal immigrant to the US and all such immigrants have to follow the strict procedure of law to get their LPR status.It is important to possess all the necessary legal documents which can prove that you fall under any of the above-mentioned categories so that your application will be entertained by the concerned authorities.

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