Difference between Legal Immigration and Illegal Immigration to the US

The debate about the impacts of immigration on the US economy and other sectors has been going on for many years now. However, many people fail to realize that almost all the negative effects or disadvantages of the immigration are due to illegal immigration whereas the legal immigration has benefited the US in many ways and many sectors. So we have to first understand the difference between legal and illegal immigration and how they are having different impact on the United States of America. When we study the difference between these two, we will understand that these two kinds of immigrants brought two different changes in the social scene in the US.

Legal US Immigration

Legal immigration means the process through which many people from different countries apply for the permission to stay and work in the United States of America. Such people are granted legal visas and other documents which allow them to live in the US and work legally in this country. As they follow the complete legal procedure, then can get the citizenship and enjoy all the rights of a US citizen. Such immigrants contribute towards the economic growth and development of the US by paying taxes and fulfilling all the legal duties.

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration means when people from other countries came to the US by crossing the borders illegally and without any proper documents and permits granted by the US government.Generally, these people are fleeing their countries because the political and economic atmosphere in their native country is not stable and there is no scope for any growth or development.

The negative impacts of the illegal Immigration

  • As these immigrants are staying in the US illegally, they are increasing the poverty rates of the country as they do not have proper means of livelihood.
  • Due to such illegal immigrants, there is also an increase in the rate of crimes in the country.
  • As these illegal immigrants do not have work permits, they are ready to work for lower wages and this may affect the total labor industry and the US citizens who are part of this industry.

After comparison of the effects of legal immigration and illegal immigration, we can say this for sure that it is the illegal immigration which is creating various problems for the US economy as well as social welfare system. The legal immigration has actually brought many benefits with it as it has brought a number of the skilled, educated and qualified workforce which has become an integral part of the development and progress of the US.If it is necessary to restrict the problem of immigration, it is the illegal immigration which needs to be stopped. As people entering the country illegally are not contributing anything towards the development of the country whereas the legal immigrants are major contributors towards every aspect of development and progress of US, be it economically or socially. Practically speaking, a progressive immigration policy which allows legal immigration is better for the overall growth of the US.

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