Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages of Us Immigration

Whenever the topic of US Immigration is introduced, people tend to have a serious debate on this topic. There are always some people who are speaking in favor of the immigration and some people are talking about negative effects of the immigration. Before deciding whether the US Immigration numbers are good or bad for the US, we have to see all the advantages and disadvantages of such immigration for the US as a country and society. When we will make a comparison between the advantages and disadvantages and benefits and adverse effects of the immigration on the US economy and political scene, then only we will be able to say whether the immigration is good for the US or it is bad for the development of the US.

Advantages of the US Immigration

  • Economic advantages of immigration to the US include the availability of support staff for the women in the US which resulted in more working hours for women. Availability of workers and labor force at low wages resulted in low costs of products and services for the citizens of the US.
  • The skilled immigrants have helped the US to get ahead in the essential research in many fields such as medicines, medical science etc. The contribution of such qualified immigrants has helped the US to be ahead as compared to other countries.
  • Many such educated immigrants have fulfilled the employment opportunities in different sectors where there was a scarcity of skilled people. When these immigrants offer their skills for the progress of the US as a country, they are contributing positively to the process of development.

Disadvantages of the Immigration

As always there are two sides to each coin. As the immigration to the US has some positive impacts, there are some negative impacts or disadvantages of the same process for the US as a country.

  • Legal immigration may have more advantages for the US, but the number of people immigrating to the US illegally is also very high. Such illegal immigrants may bring various negative things like an increase in the crime rates in the US.
  • As such immigrants are ready to work for lower wages, it may bring down the accepted social wages for the manual labor and it may affect the US citizens working in these fields negatively.
  • The education system, social welfare system, and medical assistance system are under additional strain due to the increasing numbers of immigrants to the US which may result in its non-availability for the US

Even though there are some disadvantages of the immigration to the US, if we compare them to the advantages and the positive impacts brought by the immigrants, we have to say that the immigration is beneficial to the US. The strict immigration policy may cause harm to the progress and growth of the US and therefore, it is necessary that the immigration policy is made in such a way that it is beneficial for the country. Restricting the flow of immigrants coming to the US may bring negative impacts on the economy and the development of the country.

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