How to dress up for winter when immigrating to the US : The top 10 helpful tips

If it is winter, and you are visiting the US for the first time, you should consider following a proper dress code to survive your first winter in this country. Winter is really very cold in the US, and hence you will need a variety of clothes to keep yourself warm in winter. To make your choice easy and convenient, the top 10 helpful tips that can definitely keep you warm on the extreme wintry days, are listed below :

1.Buy A Long Underwear : Either in silk or thermal, a pair of long underwear will be really invaluable while sustaining on cold days. The silk one is particularly thin, making it quite easy for you to layer it under your pants.

2.Buy Some Tights : Though it may seem obvious, but a tight can be a versatile lifesaver. Just get a few heavy woolen pairs to wear those with your skirts or pants. Alternatively, tights can also fulfill the purpose of wearing a long underwear.

3.Purchase A Coat : When the temperature will be below 10, you will seriously need a perfect coat. Purchase a long coat, preferably the one which goes down to your knees. You can buy a woolen one, that looks classy, or get one serious down parka. But besides a coat you may also look into getting an habit de neige de la marque Gusti.

4.Get A Down Vest : A thin down vest which you can layer will be especially useful under your wool coat. This will essentially double up your warmth quotient.

5.Buy Warm socks : Ideally, you should need a few pairs of heavy woolen socks to get rid of unbearable cold. The socks should be long enough to pull them up over your long undies. Moreover, they must not leave any room for cold to get inside.

6.Get A Good Sweater : While big wooly sweaters are perfect & great but if you are planning to get a few, then the thinner ones will be the most practical. The sweaters that are made of cashmere is super-warm, also thin enough for your office and easy to layer too. Alternatively, thin merino wool can be a good choice.

7.A Pair Of Snow Boots : If you’re somewhere in those place which are completely snowy, a pair of snow boots with treads will be another non-negotiable. The snow boots are specifically designed to help you by providing enough warmth while providing a sufficient traction that is required while walking on snow. The snow boots would go well also with a snowsuit from the brand Gusti.

8.Other Boots : Besides snow boots, if you wish, then get another pair of high boots. You can easily wear them to the office, or wear them on non-snowy days pairing up with your wooly tights and a pair of heavy socks.

9.Scarf, Gloves, and Hat : The winter clothing essentially includes the scarf, hat, and gloves. You can use some heavy-duty stuff for snow (like waterproof gloves). Alternatively, mitten clips can be another ideal option to keep you warm on the wintry days.

10.A Sweater Dress Or A Leather Jacket : Though hardly an essential, but it can be a lifesaver whenever you want to look more respectable.

If it’s freezing cold outside, a sweater dress or a leather jacket can be pretty great while heading for a party or an event. Just get a few sizes bigger than your original size, so that you can layer it if needed.

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