Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages of Us Immigration

Whenever the topic of US Immigration is introduced, people tend to have a serious debate on this topic. There are always some people who are speaking in favor of the immigration and some people are talking about negative effects of the immigration. Before deciding whether the US Immigration numbers are good or bad for the US, we have to see all the advantages and disadvantages of such immigration for the US as a country and society. When we will make a comparison between the advantages and disadvantages and benefits and adverse effects of the immigration on the US economy and political scene, then only we will be able to say whether the immigration is good for the US or it is bad for the development of the US.

Advantages of the US Immigration

  • Economic advantages of immigration to the US include the availability of support staff for the women in the US which resulted in more working hours for women. Availability of workers and labor force at low wages resulted in low costs of products and services for the citizens of the US.
  • The skilled immigrants have helped the US to get ahead in the essential research in many fields such as medicines, medical science etc. The contribution of such qualified immigrants has helped the US to be ahead as compared to other countries.
  • Many such educated immigrants have fulfilled the employment opportunities in different sectors where there was a scarcity of skilled people. When these immigrants offer their skills for the progress of the US as a country, they are contributing positively to the process of development.

Disadvantages of the Immigration

As always there are two sides to each coin. As the immigration to the US has some positive impacts, there are some negative impacts or disadvantages of the same process for the US as a country.

  • Legal immigration may have more advantages for the US, but the number of people immigrating to the US illegally is also very high. Such illegal immigrants may bring various negative things like an increase in the crime rates in the US.
  • As such immigrants are ready to work for lower wages, it may bring down the accepted social wages for the manual labor and it may affect the US citizens working in these fields negatively.
  • The education system, social welfare system, and medical assistance system are under additional strain due to the increasing numbers of immigrants to the US which may result in its non-availability for the US

Even though there are some disadvantages of the immigration to the US, if we compare them to the advantages and the positive impacts brought by the immigrants, we have to say that the immigration is beneficial to the US. The strict immigration policy may cause harm to the progress and growth of the US and therefore, it is necessary that the immigration policy is made in such a way that it is beneficial for the country. Restricting the flow of immigrants coming to the US may bring negative impacts on the economy and the development of the country.

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Difference between Legal Immigration and Illegal Immigration to the US

The debate about the impacts of immigration on the US economy and other sectors has been going on for many years now. However, many people fail to realize that almost all the negative effects or disadvantages of the immigration are due to illegal immigration whereas the legal immigration has benefited the US in many ways and many sectors. So we have to first understand the difference between legal and illegal immigration and how they are having different impact on the United States of America. When we study the difference between these two, we will understand that these two kinds of immigrants brought two different changes in the social scene in the US.

Legal US Immigration

Legal immigration means the process through which many people from different countries apply for the permission to stay and work in the United States of America. Such people are granted legal visas and other documents which allow them to live in the US and work legally in this country. As they follow the complete legal procedure, then can get the citizenship and enjoy all the rights of a US citizen. Such immigrants contribute towards the economic growth and development of the US by paying taxes and fulfilling all the legal duties.

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration means when people from other countries came to the US by crossing the borders illegally and without any proper documents and permits granted by the US government.Generally, these people are fleeing their countries because the political and economic atmosphere in their native country is not stable and there is no scope for any growth or development.

The negative impacts of the illegal Immigration

  • As these immigrants are staying in the US illegally, they are increasing the poverty rates of the country as they do not have proper means of livelihood.
  • Due to such illegal immigrants, there is also an increase in the rate of crimes in the country.
  • As these illegal immigrants do not have work permits, they are ready to work for lower wages and this may affect the total labor industry and the US citizens who are part of this industry.

After comparison of the effects of legal immigration and illegal immigration, we can say this for sure that it is the illegal immigration which is creating various problems for the US economy as well as social welfare system. The legal immigration has actually brought many benefits with it as it has brought a number of the skilled, educated and qualified workforce which has become an integral part of the development and progress of the US.If it is necessary to restrict the problem of immigration, it is the illegal immigration which needs to be stopped. As people entering the country illegally are not contributing anything towards the development of the country whereas the legal immigrants are major contributors towards every aspect of development and progress of US, be it economically or socially. Practically speaking, a progressive immigration policy which allows legal immigration is better for the overall growth of the US.

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What Are the Positive Effects Of Us Immigration?

We always hear about the serious debate on the question of US Immigration. It is a fact that the rate of people immigrating to the US is quite high and such immigration is bound to affect the US as a society, as a country, and as a political society. People have been immigrating to the US for so many years, in fact, we can say that this country came into being when first people immigrated to the land of freedom. So the US has always been a country that has welcomed all those people who wanted to immigrate to the US after leaving their native countries. Sponsored by:


It is many time said that the US is suffering due to a large number of immigrants arriving in the country. However, it is to be noted that no country ever tries to welcome people from other countries if they don’t benefit the host country in some or the other way.If we study the impact of Immigration on the economy and social scene in the US, we will be able to see various positive impacts brought in the US by the immigrants. We have to admit that the US as a country have benefited from such immigrants and there are many advantages of these large numbers of immigrants in the US. Sponsored by:

Advantages of US Immigration


  • Economic Benefits

As these immigrants come in two types, one type is highly educated and qualified immigrants and the second type are the immigrants who are not so educated and can be considered as people living on manual skills. Both types of immigrants offer positive services to the country. The uneducated immigrants offer their services at comparatively low wages which ultimately result in the low cost to the consumer in the US. It means that the US citizen has to pay less for the products and services. The educated and qualified immigrants play their role in the technological and scientific development of the US.

  • Availability of Skilled Workforce


The US has definitely benefited from a large number of immigrants who are qualified and educated and are offering their skills and knowledge for the development and progress of the US.

  • Increase in the number of working Women from the US

It has been noted that as the unskilled immigrants from different countries entered the US, they started working as the caregivers such as nannies, caregiver to the elder lies and also as the support staff like maids, gardeners etc. This meant that the woman from the American household was able to work more hours with the help of such support staff.


  • Cultural Diversity in The Society

The social scene in the US has really benefited from the presence of the immigrants. These immigrants have brought their own social cultures from their native countries and have assimilated those cultures with the cultures in the US.These new cultures have added a new sense of diversity and also the sense of unity in the US society.The existence of so many cultures in one place has benefited the complete society to become a place where different cultures can reside peacefully.

What Are The Reasons Behind Immigration to the US?

The United States of America is considered as the land where dreams come true and this can be the main factor which influences the process of immigration to the US. From the very beginning, the United States of America is known as a land where work is respected and those who are ready to work hard will definitely get what they deserve. Therefore from last so many decades, people from many countries dream about immigrating to the US and building a happy and comfortable life for themselves and their family.This has resulted into a very important aspect of the US legislation as well as politics because the number of immigrants in the US is quite large and it is still increasing day by day.

140629_tw_crisis_1009_16x9_992There are many different reasons for immigration of people to the United States of America. If we take a look at those reasons, we will understand that the political environment in many different countries has also played a major role in the immigration scene in the US.

Reasons for US Immigration

  • Economic Reasons

imagesPeople from many underdeveloped or developing countries are interested in immigration to the US because they are hoping for better economic conditions for themselves and their families. These people immigrate to the US because they think that they will be paid better for their services and jobs in the US as compared to their native countries. The percentages of such immigrants to the US is quite large and the US is also benefited by such people as the general majority of them are qualified and highly educated.

  • Educational Reasons


Another reason why people are interested in US Immigration is the educational facilities available in the US. As the educational scene in the US is very developed and many streams and faculties are available for interested students, the cream of the students from many countries tries to immigrate to the US for want of better education. Many intelligent students from developing countries are offered scholarships from the renowned universities from the US and they feel that they will have a better future in the US.

  • Political Reasons

imagesfsdAnother important reason behind people immigrating to the US is the volatile political situations in their native countries. Many such countries are facing serious political turmoil and therefore the citizens of those countries fear for the lives of themselves and their families. Such people try to immigrate to the countries like the US where there are stable government and possibility of peaceful and stable existence.

All the above-mentioned reasons are the main reasons for which people immigrate to the US, but there are some small factors such as globalization, better job prospects, and new market ventures, for which people immigrate to the US.The number of immigrants to the US increases as people who are already settled in the US try to invite their family members through the immigration process and this is an ongoing process. Such large number of immigrants in a country are bound to have a positive as well as negative impact on that country and the US is not an exception to this.

Legal Way of US Immigration!

Immigrants have always been an integral part of the US from the very beginning and they have contributed a lot towards the development and progress of the US as a country. However, illegal immigration has changed the attitude of the people of the US towards the whole immigration policy and therefore it is important that illegal immigration is stopped and legal

canada-immigrationimmigration should be the way to enter the US legally and with all the required documents from the government. If you want to legally immigrate to the US, then you have to follow certain procedure and immigration laws of the US.

There are three ways in which a person can become a US immigrant. It is important to understand that the immigration process is always handled by the authorized government agencies. Therefore, you should be able to stay away from agents who may lure you with the promises of guaranteed citizenship of the US.

Ways to gain immigrant status in the US

  • Sponsoring a family member

Any US citizen can sponsor any of the following family members as an immigrant to the US.The list of family members includes spouse, brothers and sisters, parents and unmarried children. The sponsor has to prove that his income is at least 25% more than the established income above the poverty line. The sponsor also has to give an undertaking in writing that he or she is capable of sponsoring his dependent. There are a fixed number of visas which are

img44allocated by the US government for the immigrants in this category.

  • Immigrating for employment

Another way of immigrating to the US is coming in the country with a resident visa. The employers in the US have to follow the rules regarding the labor laws in the country. The employers have to prove that they are not able to get the suitable candidate in the US and therefore they have to invite a candidate from foreign countries. There are five kinds of Visas which are allotted by the government to the immigrants in this category and these

airport-205756_640 immigrants may include professionals, skilled workers, religious workers and investors who may create job opportunities in the US.

  • Immigrants who need asylum

The third type of immigrants are from those countries which are troubled by political turbulence and they have afear of their life in their country. Such refugees may get the status of legal immigrant after they prove that they will get persecuted in their country for sure because of their religion, race or political and religious opinion. There is no limit to the number of visas granted to such refugees or Asy lees by the government.

We have to understand that these three are the only ways in which a person can become a legal immigrant to the US and all such immigrants have to follow the strict procedure of law to get their LPR status.It is important to possess all the necessary legal documents which can prove that you fall under any of the above-mentioned categories so that your application will be entertained by the concerned authorities.

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